Monday, August 30, 2004


It’s finally done, Si and Sue’s wedding pictures are finished and it only took me 3 weeks! Much like other Paul and his comic illustrations I got stuck in that rut of wanting the work to be done, and done well, but either not having the time or the motivation. I’m never that keen on doing wedding stuff as there is some pressure to get great shots and also the requirement to direct groups of people (this is just horrible!), but the actual taking of the pictures wasn’t too bad in itself.

Worse is the sorting and print preparation. This is the same problem I’ve had with my last few band shoots – I end up with a lot of pictures and actually sitting down, looking through them and optimising them becomes quite an arduous task. It takes a long time to do it properly, and I find that during this long time I loose the ability to judge what is a good photograph. I cease to be able to tell the good from the great from the average, due to boredom, fatigue or overexposure. Unfortunately there’s no solution to this other than to stop taking pictures in the first place, so I’ll stop moaning about it now! At least this batch is done, and hopefully they’ll be pleased with them so it’ll all be worth the effort.


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