Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Two transcendental experiences in three days? I tell you, this whole thing of seeking out new experiences and ways to see life is becoming really old-hat, it seems as though everyone is doing it these days.

Here are some pictures of transcendentalism pt 2, if you're in the area you must go. Stop reading this and just go, unless it's outside the hours of 12-6pm, in which case don't go as it'll be closed.

For more check out the people who do this stuff. In case you're wondering where 'the area' is, it's the lakeside arts centre at the university of nottingham, until 30th August.
(click pics for bigger versions)


Blogger steve said...


25/8/04 11:01 am  
Blogger Katy said...

Hey, you've just given me an excellent reason to skive off doing any work in the library! Thank you!

25/8/04 11:03 am  
Blogger paul said...

my pleasure, but you can take your books and just sit in there if you're desperate to do some work!

25/8/04 8:04 pm  

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