Monday, August 23, 2004

pretty girls make graves

I've just watched pretty girls at the rescue rooms and they were fantastic. There's always several factors that go into a live gig: sound, mood, booze... all factors that comprise the gig experience, and all present and correct tonight. I don't think i'd be going too far to describe it as 'transcendental'. For me this is what great live music always strives for, to be something more than a CD, to be something that motivates the body and dissolves the mind. And my mind was floating off somewhere tonight, carried beyond by the music but still ensconced within the sound. Splendiferous. They even handled equipment breakdown with wit and musicianship.

It was also good to hear that Seachange had made the band welcome by feeding them up with a proper english sunday roast. I thought it was pretty fortuitous that they could still move enough to get on stage after my own similar lunchtime experience. The rest of the crowd were shit though, the rescue rooms were less than half full and many people left immediately after the last song without even cheering for an encore. The whole concept of an encore is a little passé, but the band were fucking great and for once i really wanted one, but nobody could be arsed. Bastards.


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