Thursday, October 21, 2004

cinema time

We couldn’t be bothered to go to the cinema yesterday, even though I quite fancied it. Instead I got home from work to find Amy had brought the cinema to me. No smoking signs, hotdogs from a tin, popcorn, a ridiculously big drink (courtesy of my Seven Eleven 1.5 litre mug I got in Canada): all present and correct. What a treat!

We watched Resident Evil which, despite being fairly badly directed for the most part (Paul, I see what you mean about Paul W.S. Anderson and his muddy vision), was fairly entertaining. Once again I can only put this down to my innate love of sci-fi horror, I just like the idea of a great big underground, hi-tech haunted house and it brought back fond memories of playing Half-Life and System Shock (looking very much like the former and with a scary AI very much like the latter). There’s no good reason why a film should look like a game, and no good reason why I should like such badly directed action, but somehow it just worked for me. I’m never going to watch it again though, things can only get worse from here!


Blogger paulhd said...

Hmmm, well I'm a huge horror fan (sci-fi films I'm pretty good on too) and have an unhealthy knowledge of the genre yet I still can't see the appeal of Resident Evil, I tend to like my horror films a bit more rough and ready and I'm a real fan of lowfi fx and gore. Anderson seems to be one of those new breed of slick and empty directors like Stephen Sommers and I just can't get into their stuff (although I confess that I do watch it but I think that's more to do with my inate desire to find things to complain about) Video games spoil it not because it's bad to use them as a source of inspiration but because the directors usually do a bad job of it and most of the games seem to be inspired by old horror films in the first place.
Good on Amy though, that's a cool treat to come home to.

22/10/04 12:01 am  
Blogger paul said...

Well, you're pretty much spot on there. The film was full of bad dialogue and cliched zombie plotlines... the only thing I can put it down to is the initial premise of the story and the fairly decent sets. I can see no other reason for my immersion into the thing from which my enjoyment stemmed. Right place, right time perhaps?

22/10/04 12:10 am  

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