Wednesday, October 13, 2004

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Well, a fairly productive day in the end. Managed to get all my formatting done for the morgue series and I’m now in the process of printing it. As suspected there wasn’t a really easy way to do the layout except by pretty much starting again. However, that’s probably for the best as I’ve changed the style of the spreads to work better with the A5 format. Previously it was angling to be a large-format glossy publication, now it’s simpler and more claustrophobic.

I think the problem now is going to be finding the right paper to use. I’ve got some fairly light-weight paper that’s good for 720dpi printing, but when printed double-sided it goes a bit floppy with all the ink. Trouble is I don’t want to use anything too thick, nor anything too glossy (except, perhaps, for the cover). It’s also going to depend on whether I decide to just print a few myself, or take it to the copies... for yet more tricky paper choices!

Any tips from your fanzine days Paul? I think part of my problem is that there’s a lot of black in my layouts which means, as far as inkjet printing is concerned, a lot of ink is required.


Blogger paulhd said...

Sounds like you need to get a printers to copy your pages. Use your printer to print the master copies and take them to a copyshop. Price wise it might be cheaper in the long run to get them to copy a large amount up, say 150 copies, but that'll probably cost a couple of hundred pounds depending on the page count of your 'zine. You'll find a printers can print on relatively thin paper without it going floppy from the amount of black ink, it's because inkjet soaks into the paper instead of the ink resting on it.
I have no idea if this makes sense, perhaps it's better to talk about it over a pint?

14/10/04 12:09 am  
Blogger paul said...

hmmm, well, that's what i've been doing with longshore drift (can't remember if i actually showed you a printed copy?) and i've been pretty pleased with the result. trouble is, as you mention, LSD is just one double-sided sheet so it only costs about £15 to get a load of copies done. morgue is 6 double sided sheets, which is not loads, but still a chunk of money if i want to get a run of it printed. consequently i was thinking about doing a print-on-demand type thing, but then i have the paper issues (plus issues with the time it takes to print off my inkjet). i might try and scope out some suitable paper for a few inkjet copies, then do a proper print run if/when there's demand and i have some money.

14/10/04 7:40 am  
Blogger paulhd said...

Why not just photocopy it to demand. Back when I did my zine I just took it to the nearest place with a decent copier and copied enough for about 10 or 20 issues (this figure did actually rise with each issue - I wasn't totally rubbish back then), when those started to run out I went and copied 10 more. It got to the point where the average print run per issue was about 60 copies but I was spreading the cost out at about 5-8 pounds a time.

14/10/04 11:40 am  
Blogger paul said...

it sounds so obvious when you put it like that. perhaps i'm just appealing to the side of me that doesn't want to leave the house.

14/10/04 2:13 pm  

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