Wednesday, October 13, 2004

a thing for today

I’ve just spent 2 hours in bed surfing the web. Very pleasant, but now the creative urge is kicking in. Today’s project is to publish a short book of some pictures. It’ll probably be the morgue series that I had up at my last exhibition as I already have those in an Indesign document, and they’re black and white for ease of copying. The main issue I think I’ll need to face is how to correctly set-up the document to print the pages on A4 in such an order that I’ll be able to stack and fold the sheets and staple to form an A5 booklet. I would like there to be an easy way to do this, but I suspect the only way may involve lots of planning with bits of paper and then manually setting up the required A4 spread in Indesign. But we shall see...


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