Thursday, October 07, 2004

today’s creativity

Ended up spending some time, well most of the morning, reading a journal – Anthropology Quarterly – as they had a downloadable segment on the cultural implications of open source/creative commons licensing. And I ended up spending most of the afternoon writing about it and implementing the creative commons license on my site. That all felt quite productive, although I don’t think it’s the best article I’ve ever written as I got bored and wrapped it up a bit quickly. Still, it’s something... you can read it here.


I also took a look at this site which is an avant-garde music project. Each track is from a different musician in a different city, and they all use samples of sounds from the city. I’ve listened to some of it and it sounds pretty interesting, although I’ve yet to digest the texts & photos that go with the tunes.


Back by popular demand (well, by dual demand at least): some more scrapbook pages. These go together as a double page spread, so I’m not sure how coherent they’ll look as two separate pictures (it says 'hangover days' down the middle, with a big, scary g). It’s also my most recent ‘work’.


I saw some of Mark Selby's charcoal drawings at the recent Nottingham Open Studios event and was really impressed. I like a lot of the stuff on his website, especially the motorway drawings and paintings. Paul, I think you might like this chap a lot.


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