Monday, February 21, 2005

a funny thing happened on friday

I got a call from a guy from a design agency who I did my first (and last) commercial photo-shoot for. It seems, after almost 2 years, that the piece I wrote on my site detailing my experience has been read by someone at Teachfirst (the company that commissioned the photos) and they weren't very happy. I'm infamous at last! I've taken down the contentious piece for the moment, but it will be reinstated with a new disclaimer as soon as I get around to it.

It's a very interesting development after all the Joe Gordon/waterstone's stuff and makes me wonder who read it and how they came across it (obviously my prediction in the piece that no one if concerned would be likely to ever read proved untrue!), especially as it had been sitting on my site for about a year. A google search for the company didn't bring up my piece until page 8 of the results. Naturally I'm not bothered about reputation as I'd decided at the time I hated all that commercial shit, which was reflected in the fact that I spent most of the essay slagging off myself. But it has got me thinking about how binding a contract is; does the fact I did some work for the company compel me to be silent about them forevermore? Do they have any legal power to make me remove what I wrote? (for the time being I've removed it because I've no problem with the guy at the design agency who seems like a nice chap). We shall see I suppose.


Blogger Pete said...

dunno, you slagged off nottingham uni in a much more prominent place than page 8 of a google search a while back, and they're still going to pay you to work for them...

23/2/05 10:24 pm  
Blogger paul said...

fair point, i still stand by most of that but it was targeted at parts of a slightly bigger beast. and, now i'm a post-grad, i fucking hate undergrads.

24/2/05 8:12 pm  

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