Tuesday, January 18, 2005

pictures and research

Managed to get around to the continually mammoth task of going through old pictures and sorting out some prints today. Always fun, especially as jessops are doing cheap digital prints at the moment so thoughts of brevity (approximately equal to care) can go straight out the window. Here are a couple of New York that I rather like:

Also pulled out a half-finished essay from last year about digital memory prosthesis and decided to try and finish some interesting but barely fleshed out thoughts. Made a start with some research – very interesting but haven't got any further than saying hmmmm a few times. Sadly no more days off until next week, so it looks like its going on hold again.

No web design today, but thanks to some helpful words from my brother, who can draw, I've some ideas for finishing off the theme for thisisthewaytheworldends. Perhaps some research at work tomorrow (sources!), but I'm now confident I can satisfactorily finish the main page, which will contain all the main design elements, without it being too large to download quickly (the problem I had when I tried to use one large illustration) or looking a bit sparse as it currently does. The rest should then follow fairly rapidly as it will just be a case of adding different bits of text to appear between the header and footer. Cheers brother dearest.


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