Thursday, December 30, 2004

Christmas Christmas everyone

Woo woo, what a grand Christmas... if a little short (4 days is not a festive enough period for my liking!). Managed to not burn the turkey twice, managed to fit everyone into a tight schedule and still get pub time, managed to get some great pressies. My top five (in no particular order) are:
- Scuba diving in the shark tank at Edinburgh aquarium when we visit in feb (coincidently this is booked for valentines day)
- Vintage typewriter
- Vintage viewmaster (the 3D viewer thingy with the round discs everyone had when they were little)
- Vintage flat-cap
- Seinfeld dvd boxset
Pictures to follow, and maybe some art.

Now the comedown. I hate to harp on about work again, but as I’ve said before it does seem to take up most of my time – ignoring it is preferable, but sometimes expulsion is required. The build up to Christmas was not as painful as I was expecting but, as if to keep a balance, the last couple of days have been awful. It’s like Christmas impacts a brick wall as soon as you’re back, the sale is in place, you’re no longer on holiday, there are lots of customers who are. It’s a real slap in the face with a wet fish kind of a feeling. Ugh. On Wednesday I had to go drinking because it was the only way to survive. I don’t want to become an alcoholic for this, but by fuck it helps!



What has been great this week is that I’ve planned a return to creativity. I’ve been feeling very positive about getting some work done which is great as it will actually encourage me to get some work done instead of spending my free time complaining about not having enough free time. A lot of the enthusiasm has arisen from longshore drift, Ali’s friend said some great stuff after she came across it and another chap I’ve been corresponding with after he found a copy is hoping to open a gallery this year. Excellent. As is normally the way with these things I started it with no expectation but to follow my own agenda, then got into a bit of a slump with time and doubt (yes, both stupid), but now I feel energised again.

I’ve also managed to show my Morgue booklet to a few people and got some good feedback, my plan now is to do a companion booklet with the Dreamscapes series (the same paring as my exhibition in Nottingham). Bit hazy after that, perhaps a look in the writer’s and artist’s yearbook will be in order. At the very least I’m going to set-up a paypal account so that I can easily accept payment for the couple of quid that each is likely to cost and start posting them out.


Blogger Rik said...

This is a great blog you have here.
Very interesting to read, so I bookmarked it.
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30/12/04 9:58 pm  
Blogger paul said...

thanks rik, i didn't think i'd written anything of much interest recently... as ever the best is yet to come.

13/1/05 6:06 pm  

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