Thursday, October 28, 2004

Half term fun and frolics

Blimey, no updates for a week! It seems my verbosity and need to continually spew observation somewhere has found some limit. No, actually I’m off work this week and instead of spending all day sat in front of the computer like a proper geek I’ve been doing things with (shock) other people. Some of this has been good, some of it not so good. I’ll spare you all the boring details.

What is worrying is that, just as I remember half term at school seeming to be amazingly short compared to the endlessness of a week of school, the time has flown so quickly. And now it’s Thursday night and I’ve got an insatiable urge to do something creative, but no block of time to devote as we’re busy for the next couple of days, and no particular projects in mind. The fact that I’ve not done anything creative for a week or so makes me feel rather empty, despite the fact that I have been having a good time. And the fact that I’ve got no particular projects in mind makes me worry that nothing in particular will come to mind ever again. Actually, writing that seems to have stirred some thoughts, I can feel them bubbling under, but they need time...


Today’s holiday treat for me and Amy was a visit to the spa. I’d never been to one before and it was grand. Spent some time dashing from sauna to ice room to tropical shower to ice shower (in true hot/cold slightly masochistic but very refreshing Scandinavian style), followed by much sitting around in various bubbling things and a massage. Bliss.


A good email today:

Just read your "review" of The Cremaster Cycle.
Then looked at your gallery.
Jealous, are we?
You are not fit to wipe Matthew Barney's arse.



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what a fine email!

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