Monday, July 10, 2006

to reach the clouds

Nottingham Playhouse 7th July 2006

On a stage, a white ring of lights, a square platform, a man juggles. Monologue. Tall towers, wind and sky, the platform becomes rooftop becomes dream.

The story is Philippe Petit and his desire to perpetrate the ‘artistic crime of the century’: to tightrope walk between the twin towers of the world trade centre. The plan is illegal and requires the meticulous research of a bank robbery, the objective to steal a moment of impossible beauty.

The play is amazing, capturing the determination and arrogance and crazy-wild-eyed joy of Petit. Dreams have to be fought for, dreams are hard. But this is how life should be, full of desire and bizarre conjecture and fun. And this is how plays should be, spare and sparse and so evocative that you are there at the top of the towers with Petit as he surveys the city laid out below him, living his dream and cheering him on in his inspired, maddening poetry of performance.

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