Monday, May 16, 2005

sharing the love

Me and amy J made it along to the lady bay open studios on Saturday and it 'twas marvellous. Sun shining, we ambled around the area and into the various houses and halls that had been decked out as gallery spaces for the weekend. There was a great sense of community (something I normally shy away from, but here it felt good), the atmosphere was friendly and there was some great art on show.

Highlights were Fran Tristram's pottery (not normally my favourite form, but more on this in a later entry), Amy Cooper's porcelain lamps and Caroline Kerr's photography. A special mention also to Paul Matosic, whose polystyrene sculpture was still fantastic (last spotted at St Mary's church in town as part of the YAH festival), and the felt making & slide making workshops that we had a go at.

In short a fantastic afternoon that's left me with a warm mushy feeling in my increasingly schmaltzy brain.

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