Friday, April 08, 2005

all geed up with no place to go

I just couldn't let it lie, what are YOU doing?.


Blogger Al said...

Paul, a cracking rant. have you ever thought about the possibility of self analysis in creativity? the constant re-adjustment of thoughts, perspective and opinions? the object i see in creating something is the oppurtunity to go back and examine the process that got you there in the first place. what you do at the time is determined by how you are at the time. so judgement on your creativity or even a rant should be only in the domain of yourself. other opinion detracts from what you've done even on a positive level. if someone compliments your work they are having a detrimental effect on you by encouraging a train of thought that follows what you have done before. the more you analyse your own work the more layered it gets and the more substance it consumes. a layered approach to creativity gives an oppurtunity to explore weaknesses and irradicate them, no matter how immediate you feel at the time. i think you've both got valid points here but it seems as though neither point is grounded in reality. your rant or the considered opinion by tony against it. each was written in a different frame of mind. yours agro and his thoughtful. each has its merits but is an immediate effect of the situation you found yourself at the keyboard. i suggest tony go back and examine his own 'rant' to provide a grounding to it from himself. the most interesting thing about this is the question of what got you each to take an interest in the same things yet conclude such different opinions.

8/4/05 10:04 pm  
Blogger paul said...

al, i still want to comment more on this, but my ideas are still too fragmentary.

18/4/05 2:21 pm  

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