Monday, April 18, 2005

change of pace, change of focus

Week 2 of 4 of my web design job. It’s all going well, I think, although it’s hard to be sure because I have zero experience of a project like this. I know I’ve solved a couple of the thorny problems which were worrying me to start with, but I don’t really know exactly how far I was expecting to be at this point. What I do know is that the feeling of spending the day thinking is great and, because I’m not shuffling about all day, I don’t feel like falling straight into bed when I get home. This is bliss; I’d forgotten it was possible. The only downside is that after spending all day in front of a computer the last thing I feel like doing in the evening is more of the same, so there has been a lack of creative projects despite having an exciting new camera to play with (although I do count this job as a creative project in many ways).

I’ve also been trying to get more detailed info on the election and improve my fairly limited knowledge of what the government actually stands for and what they’ve managed – or not – to do over the last 8 years. A good place to start is They Work for You. I’ve learnt that my MP, Labour man Paddy Tipping, is quite strongly in favour of foundation hospitals; very strongly in favour of top-up fees and anti-terrorism laws; moderately in favour of war, ID cards, banning fox hunting and equal gay rights. These are worked out from the House of Commons voting records so are either an accurate portrayal of the MP’s views, and/or show that they follow the party line. It makes for interesting reading. Also worth a look is The Public Whip who have a full record of the votes and a nice little tool so you can gauge your views about key issues and compare them to the candidates in your area.


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