Monday, October 03, 2005

oh october

Get up extra early so amy can get to the station, discover the boiler isn’t working. Get to the tram stop and find that there isn’t one until too late, far too late. Drive to town instead. Get to work ridiculously early. Fire drill at 8am turns into a real fire alarm (something in the boiler room apparently!), stand outside for half an hour. Later, probably, get clamped for parking on campus. Oh October.

Get up early, enjoy the morning twilight on the rec while walking the hound. Drive to town and hear the new Kate Bush song on the radio for the first time. Get to campus really early and watch a flock of geese zombie-waddling (half asleep?) over the field near the lake. Park the car and notice how blissfully quiet everything is right now. Suck in the fresh air and marvel at the bleakness of the grey October sky. Stand outside during the fire alarm grinning at the suckiness of events, amused by fortune and this strange dichotomy. Oh October!

And next: my first lecture course since 2002, I’m quite looking forward to it.


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