Sunday, July 24, 2005

i am become the destroyer of worlds

on the way back to nottingham tonight i listened to face the facts on radio 4 and i'm left completely heart-broken by yet another case of a multi-national busting into a region and fucking it over. this program (you can here it via the link above & 'listen again') detailed two cases where nestle has set up mineral water plants in areas of great natural beauty and importance (one in brazil, another in michigan - the great lake state don't ya know?) and then proceeded to suck all the life from the ground.

worst of all is that in both cases local residents have taken legal action and won, only to see nestle go to appeal and be allowed to re-open the plants while a final judgement is pending. in the case of the brazillian plant this final judgement has been pending for 4 years, during which time the springs the area was once famous for have lost most of their vitality. nestle claims innocence, and bangs on about the moral imperative it follows as a multinational, but even its own survey pointed to the fragility of the aquifer in this area.

meanwhile a michigan resident can't help but sob as she tells how the creek she loves to walk along has dried up and all the wildlife is disappearing.

yeah, watch us go! let's fuck more shit up for the sake of some bottled water! wankers!


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