Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Conker on the floor this morning, first of the year. I’m smiling, remembering 16 years ago, remembering a big field full of giant horse-chestnut trees. Remembering throwing big sticks up through the branches to bring down the choicest fruits. Remembering the feel of cold wind and thick clothes and rosy cheeks from exertion. Remembering being there with my brother and my mum and my dad.

And now I’m smiling, remembering 10 minutes ago, remembering that single tree by the gates, that lone conker on the pavement. Remembering the smoothness of it in my hand, the deep colour under my fingers. Remembering the morning mist chill in my lungs and the leaves that were beginning to turn orange around the edges. Seeing several more around the base of the tree and stooping to pick them up.

Now I’m smiling.


Blogger paulhd said...

When I was a wee un I used to make the semi regular trip to 'conker wood', happy days.

5/10/05 11:06 am  
Blogger paul said...

yes, they were the best. you can't beat those blustery days in conker wood followed by hours of alchemy with ovens and vinegar to prove your conker before school on monday. did that ever really work?

6/10/05 11:10 pm  

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