Friday, May 27, 2005


I’ve been very much enjoying flickr but – like everything else – it’s becoming tooooo much. I love the internet, love that you can get anything you want about anything you want. And that you can share and publish in a way that was never possible before. But I’m sat here looking at photos and there’s some great stuff, some really great stuff… but after a while I can’t tell anymore. Was that the best thing I ever saw, or was it just another snapshot that was OK? I don’t know, I’m losing all sense of perspective and quality control. It’s fun, a rush of visual data, but then after a while I stop and can I remember much? Has anything stayed with me? No, not really.

I’m not sure if I’m cut out for the pace of modern times.


Blogger paulhd said...

I call in internet burnout, it can come from may things - arguing about pointless subjects with strangers/idiots, looking at the time and suddenly realising the 10 minutes you've spent online is actually 2 hours, etc. The volume of stuff online can be overwhelming and it does get harder to figure out what is internet gold or a load of old crap, I'm getting a bit sick of it myself.

30/5/05 12:34 pm  
Blogger paul said...

yeah. still, i'm not sure if it's much better in the 'real' world, i think much the same about the massive volume of books/films/music/etc that appear all the time, i suppose the difference is that those things are not quite so much at your finger tips all the time.

31/5/05 12:01 am  

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