Monday, September 27, 2004

some links

I’ve recently been reading some blogs by Geof Huth. He’s a visual poet based in New York. I particularly like this entry in his visual poetry blog, and another blog of his: one million footnotes.

I’ve also found (via the YAH festival) an artist called Ellie Harrison who is interested in the miniature of everyday life. There’s some great stuff on her site, although I’ve only scratched the surface so far I did enjoy ‘the daily quantification record’. It reminds me of the occasional projects I attempt to keep receipts and tickets in a scrap book as they seem to be all I have left of most days. The only problem is I’m not (yet?) disciplined enough to see these ideas through, but she is. Nice.


And here’s part of one of those spreads, it’s woefully incomplete but I still quite like it.


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