Thursday, September 23, 2004

Hellboy & Opium

Saw hellboy last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it’s to do with watching indy too many times as a child, but I really love all that occult adventure stuff (especially when it’s nazi occult adventure stuff!). And the man with the mask looked cool.

Before hand had a meal at Opium with Amy. It’s a beautiful restaurant and may very well rate as my number 1 chinese ever. We did, however, receive more confirmation that we’re properly old: we managed to finish our starter, main and coffee before any other customers arrived at the place. It reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld where jerry is visiting his parents’ place in florida (the elephants’ graveyard of the states) where dinner is served at 4pm. It’s a slippery slope...


Uploaded another ‘short collection’ to monkey in fez. It’s the luminarium.


Here’s a couple of pictures of tonight’s attic action. I’ve been meaning to start taking some more abstract, patterns-of-light style shots for a while now. I’m not entirely happy with these couple (I think I prefer the first one), but they’re not bad considering I didn’t even need to leave my seat... the ways of the lazy photographer!


Also on the abstract theme I went walking in the wind again the other afternoon and took a few snaps. These were more process orientated in that I was trying to capture the feel of the wind and the walk with the motion of the camera and minimal conscious intervention in shot composition. Like the shots from the train the emphasis was on chance and movement rather than premeditated static shots. I quite like this philosophy, but I tend to find that although it’s fun most of the pictures are pretty crap – as with much modern art the idea far outweighs the execution. I do quite like this one of wind-blown grass though. (but i'm not sure how well it comes across in this small format...? a bit busy.)


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