Monday, February 26, 2007

oh etsy

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After a two year slump in exhibitions and sales i've finally decided to try and get organised again. Not that i don't just love art and photography for its own sake, as a pursuit of memory and beauty; but if it's not shared with others then does it lose its resonance, its power, on the world?

And of course the obvious fact of a capitalist world, i cannot just follow art in isolation, i must live, i must eat... damn it, even writing these words feels wrong. Why not buy a picture... (they're all still creative commons though)

As for an exhibition, one coming up in April hopefully, more details soon.


etsy store


If anyone has any thoughts on the philosophical legitimation (or otherwise) of the artist as sales person please feel free to share. I just keep getting tied up in a big knot between wanting to do nothing else yet accepting the necessity of earning money versus having a day job but not enough time, never enough, never enough...


Blogger Al said...

well now, reminds me of the 'does a falling tree make a sound if no-one's around to hear it' dilemma. there is an easy answer to this. yes it does, just as art or photography makes it's own sound on the world regardless of anyones visceral experience of it. the only power or resonance a viewer provides is the interpretation of their own experience of it to the world, and hey, they might even like it and pay you a compliment(!). Although you could argue that the change in the viewers persona or attitude due to the experience of 'art' is where the power of a piece lies i feel it represents more of a shockwave eminating from the original. the viewer becomes as a vessel for the resonance, but not the resonance itself.

as for the artist as sales person, i really wouldn't worry about that. become nietchzian (sorry about the spelling). declare to the world "I have a vision, and you will bloody well take note. buy my pieces, gaze upon them and let the light of life fill your empty exitences. i am the saviour of art!" but don't get carried away or anything. no, i don't think an artist hawking their own pieces to the public is a problem, so long as the piece is first and foremost being sold to yourself, and not created solely for the purpose of making money.

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