Sunday, October 01, 2006

rolling through another week

Last week I saw three artistic events:

- Dan Hays, Impressions of Colorado [painting]
- Martine Hamilton Knight, Nottingham Revealed [photography]
- Three Strange Angels, Steve Reich at 70 tour [percussion]

They were, in reverse order, absolutely mind-blowingly amazing; bland as a sales brochure but with twice the pomp and ceremony; intellectually and technically interesting, but overall a little disappointing. More on these later.

Meanwhile I can hear the Sunday night boy-racers on the bypass, my brain is complaining of sleepyness, my thoughts turn to autumn once again after another warm week but rainy Sunday and I don't have much to say or at least not much inclination to write, except to reiterate – don't go and look at Nottingham Revealed, probably worth skipping the book of same title too. Do go and watch the Three Strange Angels, or any other Reich-related stuff, or just go and listen to some of his music, because it is wonderful, really wonderful.


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