Wednesday, November 30, 2005

melancholy morning

free metro.
tabloid rag: scaremongering and pop news, celebrity gossip. i want to shout back "george best is dead and i don't give a fuck". i'm no expert, but it doesn't seem there was much to like when he was alive.

the tram is hopeless under the blood-sky. grim faces and mobile phones, all hiding behind metros. i've squashed my pear and lost my gloves, all i have left are the pair on elastic. i wear them but they make me sad; thoughts of you.


Blogger Pete said...

"george best is dead and i don't give a fuck"

how nice...

4/12/05 9:11 am  
Blogger paul said...

just wave bye nye to all those livers.

7/12/05 8:55 am  

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